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Willis High Students Learn from Congressman Brady

Brady discussed his priorities, took questions from the audience, and encouraged students to get involved and make a difference.

WHS Senior Kyle Novak will remember Brady’s message. 

“The one thing that I will take away from this is that I can get involved,” said Novak.  “Even though I am one person in the community, I can make a difference.”

Novak’s instructor, Cory Colby, used to work for Brady and arranged the visit.  He believes that many students left with a greater feeling of political efficacy and that their views matter.

“Having the DC government class with Mr. Brady was a great experience,” stated WHS Senior Christian Kuhl.  “He cares a lot about our community and our country.”

Lauren Bechel was impressed that he asked about “our issues personally and addressed the things that we cared about.”

Colby explained that students will incorporate this information into learning in the classroom through building instructional models in a program already in place.

“These students learn through hands-on interactive experiences in our classrooms,” stated Colby.  “They learn about government by running their own campaigns, creating legislation and working it through the legislative process on their own.”

Click here to watch a video synopsis of the event.