• When were the new zones selected? 
    PASA (Population and Survey Analysts) presented an updated demographic study to the school board at the April meeting. 

    What grade levels will be impacted by this rezoning process? 
    Kindergarten through fifth grade will be impacted by the rezoning.

    My student is in the bilingual program at Meador Elementary -  does this change if we are in the new school zone? 
    Students currently served by the bilingual program at Meador Elementary will remain at Meador.

    I noticed our school is in the discussion. Does that mean we are going to be impacted by the rezoning? 
    Meador and Turner are the primary schools impacted by the boundary changes.

    How many students might possibly be rezoned? 
    The goal will be to populate the new campus, take the overcrowding off the other schools, and leave room for growth at every campus. This exact number will not be known until zone changes are finalized. 

    Our family specifically purchased our home to be zoned to the current school. Why are you considering rezoning our school? 
    Willis is a fast-growth school district. In order to accomodate student growth, it is necessary to build and populate new schools accordingly.

    Will bus travel time be impacted by the rezoning? 
    Bus ride times will most likely be reduced.

    My child receives speech/PT/OT - if we are rezoned will the services be offered at the new school?
    The same services will be offered at all campuses.

    Who decides which boundary will be selected? 
    Information gathered from the demographic company will be used, along with feedback from parents and district staff including teachers, campus leadership, and district administration. 

    If we are rezoned can we request to stay at our former campus? 
    No, there will not be any grandfathering of students to a prior campus. The only way to ensure future equity is to require students attend their zoned schools.