• Every day COUNTS!


    Important reminders for attendance:

    • Attendance is vitally important for our students success.
    • It is important to be on time and stay the entire day.
    • Save the 2020-2021 school year calendar for days your student will not have school and will not be missing classes.
    • Schedule appointments AFTER school hours if possible.
    • Save the campus bell schedule, your students' schedule, and plan appointments around the class least likely to impacted for your student, if scheduled during the school day.
    • Unless your student is ill, please make every effort for him/her to be at school, even if needing to leave for part of the day for a medical/dental appointment.
    • Students can visit the campus nurse if not feeling well and she will help contact you if a student should go home due to illness.
    • Plan vacations or trips during breaks when school is not in session.

    If absent from school any part of the day, please be sure to provide a doctor note or parent note explaining why the student was absent to the front office the day your student returns to school after the absence.

    How Can You Help Your Child?

    For all students:

    • Know the school’s attendance policy and when school starts.
    • Make sure your child has the required shots needed for school.
    • Let your child meet teachers and classmates before school starts.
    • Have a regular bed time and morning routine—lay out clothes the night before.
    • Schedule medical appointments after school.
    • Don’t plan extended trips when school is in session.
    • Have a back-up plan for getting to school when something comes up.
    • Have your child stay home only when truly sick.
    • Talk with your child about acceptable and unacceptable behavior and grades.
    • Encourage your child to be active in school by joining clubs or sports teams.
    • Know your child’s friends.
    • Ask your child how you can help.

    Find out more information at www.everystudentpresent.org/parents

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    Every day COUNTS!