Assignments for 4th Quarter 2020

  • All of our assignments for the 4th quarter of the 2019-2020 school year are on Edmentum. Additional information will be on Canvas. That is only intended to support the work students will be doing on Edmentum. Here's some information on what to expect in Edmentum:

    Lesson 1: The Harlem Renaissance--this "tutorial" consists of 40 slides and a 10-question mastery test. Do not be alarmed at the number of slides in this tutorial. Several of them are simply "labels and titles" and contain nothing specific to the lesson. Approximately half of the slides consist of a graphic/picture and a brief 2-paragraph caption/biography about the person pictured in the slide. The rest of the slides are either short video clips or short answer questions/responses. A few slides have a short article or reading assignment attached to it (meaning a poem, song lyrics, or news article for you to read). Near the end, there is a short vocabulary piece. Do not skip these pieces, they are important! This lesson should take, on average, 2-3 hours of screen time to complete.  Pace yourself to have this completed by Tuesday, April 14th.

    Lesson 2: Humor in American Realism--this "tutorial" consists of 26 slides and a 10-question mastery test. This lesson also has a mix of video clips, biographical pieces, and short response questions. The focus of this piece is the timeframe between the end of the Civil War and the late 19th-century. Consider this the "Era of Mark Twain." Again, there are some vocabulary terms to learn and some short reading pieces, which take a little longer than the previous lesson. Do not skip these pieces because they are essential for passing the mastery test. This lesson should take, on average, 2-3 hours to complete (possibly a little longer if you read slowly). Take advantage of the voice reading tool in the toolbar section, if needed. Pace yourself to have this completed by Tuesday, April 28th.

    Lesson 3: Tradition and Culture in Literature--this "tutorial" is also 26 slides with a 10-question mastery test. The difference with this lesson is that it is much more opinion-based in the short answer responses. Do not skip the lesson activity in this unit. It may be more complex to understand, but we'll have a virtual tutorial meeting about it in the upcoming weeks (based on our pacing guide for that unit). This lesson infuses several different viewpoints on American culture and how various sub-cultures both view and impact the overall culture of our society. This is an interesting lesson because it connects to each student differently. I'm looking forward to our discussions in this section. This should involve 3-4 hours of actual screen time. Pace yourself to have this completed by Friday, May 15th.

    Do not try to simply take the mastery tests and skip the lesson unit. Your grade will be based partially on your completion rate and progress within the tutorial lessons, as well as the mastery test. The lessons were designed to be challenging enough to keep you sharp and short enough to respect your time and in consideration that you have 6-7 classes that are assigning work to you. Please dedicate the proper amount of time to each of your classes and do your best to stay on a schedule.