• Mental Wellness During a Pandemic

    Take an opportunity to talk with your child/children one-on-one. While engaging in something enjoyable for you both, ask them how they are doing. If they are feeling down, listen (without judgment) and ask questions. Provide support and information related to what is going on and ideas and resources related to physical and social-emotional wellness. Also check in with yourself and access resources that will support you during this time, which also supports your child/children.

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    If you think your child may be struggling with their mental health

    If you are worried about your child's mental health beyond their current fears and possible anxieties surrounding the COVID-19 but it is not related to immediate safety, we encourage you to reach out for more support to your school counselor or community mental health resources. Your school counselors will also have access to a list of community mental health supports in your area.  Below you will find helpful links providing information related to the current state of emergency, as well as mental health hotlines.

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  • Counseling Services

    United Way Counseling Services

    MCYS Counseling Services

    Tri-County Counseling Services
    (medical services also available)

    Childcare, Utility, Medical, Rent Assistance

    Montgomery County Emergency Assistance

    Food Services

    TLC Food Pantry

    Housing Services

    Montgomery County Homeless Coalition

    Montgomery County Women's Shelter