• Grade Level Expectations:

    The online learning system we will be using is Canvas. Students can login to Canvas using Clever using their single sign-on account.  Your student will be given a daily opportunity to virtually meet with their teacher. If you are not able to meet at the scheduled time, you will still need to help your student login and complete assignments to receive credit for the day. While we understand your child may need additional help it is important that we see where they are independently so we can address the needs in small groups. 


    1. Login daily
    2. Complete all assignments daily for each subject
    3. When meeting with teachers make sure mics are muted.
    4. Raise hands when wanting to speak or answer questions and wait to be called on.
    5. Be respectful while others are talking and make sure conversations are meaningful and on topic.


    Parents, if you have any questions or concerns during small group times please wait until the small group time has ended and contact the teacher via email or phone and we will gladly help. 


    Grading Guideline:

    Students will be responsible for submitting a minimum of 6 daily grades and 3 major grades per subject for each 9 week period.