• The UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest will be held on Thursday October 24th at Montgomery High School at 4:00PM. Participation in this contest is optional, but encouraged. At the contest, students will sing for a judge who will give the individual a rating from 1 through 5. If the student receives a 1 (also called a ‘Superior’ rating) he or she will receive a medal. If there is a conflict with the dates and times such as a volleyball tournament or sports game, please let me know and I will do my best to schedule the student’s performance when they need it.

                This contest is most beneficial in enhancing the progress and success of our students both individually and as a choir. In preparing for this competition, we spend more individual time with each student to help him or her further develop their voice. The students’ ear training skills are increased because they must tune their voices as a soloist, which will enrich the quality of the entire choir. This contest is a positive learning experience and I hope everyone will make a special effort to participate.

                Students who choose to participate will receive a copy of their music to practice with at home, and may listen to their song via link on Ms. Best’s website. If a student needs a CD they may request one. The student will be expected to practice at least 15-30 minutes a day with the accompaniment, and an accompaniment track. Students will also be allowed to sign up for a 15 minute practice slot after school to practice with Ms. Best during the week. Ms. Best will set up a sign up sheet in the choir room for students to pick the time and day that works best for them.  Students are encouraged to sign up at least once for a practice session! Each student will be heard by Ms. Best individually to make sure they are prepared to go to the contest.

    It is $5.00 to participate in the contest. This is to cover the cost of the accompanist as well as the judges. Your permission slip must be turned into Ms. Best by September 26th, 2019. If you have any questions towards payment please call or email. (checks made out to Lynn Lucas Choir)


    If your student would like to participate in the contest, please sign the attached agreement and turn it in to Ms. Best with your money. Thank you!

    P.S. We will need one or two chaperones for this event!  Please indicate on the sheet if you are interested in chaperoning.


    **Solo Contest Information to Know**


    When: October 24, 2019 (4:00-8:00) *will leave for contest directly after school


    Where: Montgomery High School

              Address: 22825 TX-105, Montgomery, TX 77356

              MHS Phone #: (936) 276-3000


    Transportation: Students will be bussed to and from the contest. *If you need to pick up your student from the contest site after they have finished singing you may do so.


    Pick up: Students who ride the bus back to Lynn Lucas will need to be picked up around 8:00PM in the front of the school.


    Dress: Choir T-Shirt with Jeans and closed toed shoes.