• Good evening students and families, below is the week at a glance and some important updates for my course. 
    This week's timeline:
    Unit 2a Lesson 5: We will be working on comparing/contrasting the theme, tone, and author's purpose for 2 stories that we read in class last week. Students will create a chart and Venn Diagram which they will convert into an essay later in the week. 
    Mon-Tues: Students should work on filling in the tone/theme/author's purpose chart for "Little Things are Big" and "Eleven" (both stories were part of lessons for last week's assignments and can be found in Canvas). We read the stories aloud as a class with my in person learners.
    Wednesday: Students should work on completing the Venn Diagram slide in Canvas. We are comparing how the stories are similar, and how they are different. Students can start drafting their essay in Google Docs when done.
    Thurs/Fri: Students will work on converting our charts into essay format. The purpose of the chart/Venn Diagram is to help students gather all the information they will need for their essay. I will unlock the Essay Module on Thursday. 
    Important Information:
    - Independent Reading: Reminders that all students are responsible for having a chosen novel that they will independently read. In person learners will have the opportunity to go to the BMS Library very soon. There are also resources online for free e-books and audiobooks. Please reach out to me if you are struggling with finding a novel to read! I love helping connect kids to stories that they will love!
    - Unit 1 Test: If for some reason you have not taken/retaken your Unit 1 test, PLEASE reach out to me! This is a major grade and we are approaching the end of the 9 weeks!
    - Google Meets: I have time set aside for Google Meets every Tuesday/Thursday at 2:35 (unless I am pulled to sub for another class for 8th period...which has been happening a lot recently). If you cannot access my Google meets during the scheduled time, or if you need to meet with me and I am subbing/unavailable, please reach out. I will gladly set up a time that works for you, even if it's after school hours! I am here to help my students. Please make sure that you reach out if you're needing any sort of guidance or help.
    -Unit 2 test information will be coming out soon as we are wrapping up our Literary Fiction/Non-Fiction unit! We will start Unit 2b Poetry and Drama in the next few weeks.
    1st 9 weeks grades will be due very soon. Please make sure that you are taking care of any missing work and resubmitting necessary assignments. As always, please please please let me know when you need help!
    I am very proud of my students who are logging in and working every day! I'm already seeing growth in our writing and RLA skills. Parents/Guardians, thank you for helping to ensure that your student is on the right track. I have attached a progress report to this email to help you see what grades are missing! (Number = grade, M = missing, blank = not entered yet).

    Mrs. Jordan Villemez
    8th ELA Teacher
    Brabham Middle School
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