• 8th Grade RLA - Mrs. Villemez


    Hello 8th grade ELA students and parents! I am so excited to welcome you into the 2020-2021 school year! I wanted to take the time to give you a brief overview of what we will be doing in class this year. 


    What is RLA?

    Reading/Language Arts classes are designed to help students hone reading, writing, critical thinking, and communication skills. These are important skills necessary for success in other areas of study, as well as life outside of school. 


    What to expect: 

    INDEPENDENT READING: We are asking that students complete at least 30 minutes of independent reading per day. This can be done on the bus, before bed, during free time in class, etc. I will be conferencing with students once per week to check their progress and discuss their chosen works. Students are allowed to choose their independent reading book. I have some books available in my classroom that students are welcome to check out upon returning to in class instruction. Please make sure to view and sign the independent reading choices letter sent via email. I hope to foster a love of independent reading and challenge students to increase their reading levels throughout the year. I truly believe that if you don’t love reading, you just haven’t found the right book yet! 

    WRITING: Students will be asked to keep a composition notebook/journal in class. This will provide the students with space to complete warm ups, take notes, draw charts/diagrams, and complete short writing exercises in class. I wish to incorporate writing (even if it’s just a warm up!) every day to help students become more comfortable and familiar with the writing process. 

    TYPES OF WORK: We will be looking at a variety of works (narrative pieces, argumentative essays, informational texts, poetry, drama, etc). We will practice annotating and analyzing what we read in class, and students will compose their own works.


    Required Materials:

    -1 composition notebook for notes/ warm ups/ 

    -Independent reading novel brought to class every day

    -Device with internet to complete Canvas work




    CELL PHONES: In accordance with school policy, phones must be put away during instructional hours. If there is a dire need to contact someone, please talk with me so we can figure out the best course of action.

    SIGN IN/SIGN OUT SYSTEM: Students will be required to sign in/sign out if they leave the class for any reason, noting the time left and time returned. This is a safety measure so that I can know where my students are at all times in case of emergency/drills. Bathroom/library/clinic passes are to be used in the halls. Students will not be allowed to leave 10 minutes after the beginning of period bell rings or 10 minutes before the end of period bell rings (10-10 rule).

    TARDIES/ABSENCES: A student will be marked “tardy” if they arrive after the bell rings signaling that the period has started. Per school policy, a student will be marked “absent” if they are over 10 minutes late to class. A designated tray will have copies of missing work/hard copies of notes. If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to check the tray and complete the work (please don’t give the “well you didn’t tell me I missed work” excuse). If you know you will be absent ahead of time, let me know and I will do my best to provide you with the work before your absence. 



    Again, I am so excited to get to know my students and their families this year. Parents, if you have any questions about the information presented above, please feel free to reach out via email (jvillemez@willisisd.org). Students, I invite you to talk with me about any issues/concerns/suggestions you might have. I promise that I’m reasonable and open to listen if you have something to say. That’s part of what RLA is all about!


    Now let’s get this year started!