• Inclement Weather and School Closing Procedures

    Occasionally our area experiences severe weather that requires school closures. This can include flooding, tornadoes and ice/snow. Below is information on the process Willis ISD uses to decide if the district must close schools due to weather.

  • How Does the District Decide to Close Schools?

    If bad weather is predicted, district personnel will monitor the weather overnight and drive roads across the district in the early morning hours to determine if major roads are passable. The superintendent also confers with neighboring districts regarding the decision to close schools. Factors for consideration in closing schools for weather reasons include flooding of major roads across the district, patches of ice on major roadways and bridges, and predictions of worsening weather as the day progresses, which could impact school dismissal.

  • How Will the District Notify Parents of Closures?

    If the decision is made to cancel school, the district communications department will send out a phone call to all primary phone numbers listed in a student's permanent file on campus. Therefore, it is imperative that parents/guardians keep student information including phone numbers and emails up to date with the campus front office. The district will make decisions regarding school cancellations by 5:30 a.m. The fastest way to receive announcements regarding weather is to check the district's Facebook page and stay tuned to local news stations including KHOU 11, KPRC 2 and KTRK 13. 

  • Other Important Information

    The decision to close schools is difficult and not taken lightly by administrators. We always aim to make decisions that keep all students and staff safe. However, we recogize that even minor weather that might not otherwise seem like a reason to close school, can negatively impact certain pockets of the district. We always encourage parents to evaluate your individual situation to determine if roads are safe for travel. 

    If you are not receiving emails and phone calls from the district, please check with your school's front office registrar to update your contact information.