Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is wrestling at Willis High School?

    Wrestling is a coed program that teaches student athletes from grades 9-12 how to operate in a disciplined, confident, and respectful manner when presented with a high stress situation that tests both their mental and physical capacities in an ever changing environment.

    How much does it cost to be on the Wrestling Team?

    Costs to wrestle include:
    Wrestling Shoes-shoes will be purchased independently through the vendor of your choice. Academy, Dick's Sporting Goods, and online options have wrestling shoes for about $50.
    Headgear-Headgear is required for all practices. If you do not currently own headgear, it will be available for purchase through the booster club for about $30.
    Player Fees-Player fees will cover drinks, snacks, & meals that occur when we travel. This will also cover the wear and tear on workout gear. This fee will be determined by the 1st week of school, and will need to be paid within the first six weeks of school. 

    What about the uniforms?

    The wrestling uniform is provided by the school district.

    Where does the team practice?

    Currently, the team practices in the Purple gym at Willis High School.  

    How long is the wrestling season?

    This year we have a Wrestling Athletic class that will begin at the beginning of the school year. Before the competitive season starts, after-school practices will be 2 days a week. Once the season starts, after-school practices will be daily. There are also opportunities to participate in summer wrestling camps, and we even sponsor our own camp for middle school students that are getting close to qualification age in order to educate them about our program.

    Who does my student athlete wrestle against?

    All students wrestle against students of the same gender and within a weight class that is within an acceptable range.