Re-Teaching/Re-Assessment/Parent Contact

  • Students not demonstrating mastery of the learning targets within the nine weeks period will participate in reteaching/reengagement. Test corrections are not a valid re-teaching/reassessment method. Re-teaching will occur through small group instruction, tutoring, and spiraling standards in warm-ups.  

    Retests will not be given on the same day/week as the original test. All students who earn a grade below 70 on a summative assessment will have the opportunity to participate in re-teach/re-test. Communication with parents regarding the progress of their child is essential.

    Students are sent home with their unfinished folder if they did not complete the classroom assignment. If the student does not turn in their work within the week of the assignment being sent home, the student will receive a 0 in the grade book. Please make sure your child has completed all of his or her work within the week of the class assignment being given.

    If students turn in late work after a week of it being assigned, for every day that it is late there will be 5 points being deducted from the assignment.