• 3rd Grade Conduct Policy

    When students behave inappropriately, they will be given a discipline note that is recorded and kept as documentation.  The note will be used to determine privileges, conduct grades, and consequences.

    School Conduct:

    Be Safe * Be Respectful * Be Responsible

    • Be polite, courteous & responsible     • Keep hands & feet to self
    • Use appropriate voice                       • Walk in a line on the right side of hall
    • Listen to & follow all directions          • Respect all people & property
    • No running inside school building       • Always be honest

    The number of redirects determines the conduct grade:

    1 or fewer = E (excellent)                                2 or 3 redirects =S (satisfactory)

    4 or 5 redirects = NI (needs improvement) 6 or 7 redirects = U (unsatisfactory)

    **9-week report card conduct grades will be an average of the weekly conduct grades.

    *Students may also receive office referrals for severe misbehaviors. 
    It is in your child’s best interest that we work together and keep one another informed about
    your child’s progress. If you have questions, please feel free to call me at C.C. Hardy at 936-856-1241, email me at jdefrancisco@willisisd.org or message me through our Class Communication System.