• My role at CC Hardy is to assist your student by providing meaningful, deliberate, and inclusive lesson plans. As I work with students, I often join their group and work along side them asking questions and checking for understanding. I may also be seen working individually with students reviewing concepts or reteaching to ensure their success. Our classroom is designed to include movement and sensory experiences. Activities typically change every 20 minutes to help us focus and move on to keep us motivated.

     *Please note that Kinder and 1st grade students do not recieve typical grades. They will be assessed starting late in the fall/early spring and learning objectives are ranked as I=introduced, p= progress, M= mastered. 

    Grades and Assignments for students 2nd-5th grade:

    Each student will be working on their personal goals and objectives within the grade level curriculum. Grades are taken on an individual basis and not in comparison to any other student. A minimum of one grade per content area should be entered weekly as well as one major grade every other week/1 before each progress report.


    • Report Cards-A minimum of 6 daily and 3 major grades per course. Daily grades are 40%, major grades make up 60% of the weight for each course.


    In accordance with the CC Hardy Handbook, please be advised of the following:

    Redo Assignments:

    If your student receives a grade of 69 or below on an assignment, he or she will have an opportunity to redo the assignment.


    • There MUST be a parent/guardian signature on the failed assignment to indicate that parents are aware of the failing grade.
    • All redo assignments will be time sensitive- 2 weeks maximum from date assignment was returned to student.
    • All redo assignments will be completed during regular school hours or during tutorials.
    • Maximum score allowable is 70.


    Late Work:


    • In grade PK – 2nd grade, late work will be completed during recess or center time.  
    • In grades 3 – 5, late work will be accepted at a penalty of 10 points per day, late up to five days.   


    If work is consistently late, the teacher will call and request a parent conference.

    Make-Up Work:


    • Students who are absent will have one day per each day absent to complete make-up or late work.