• 3rd Grade Conduct Policy

    When students behave inappropriately, they will be given a discipline note that is recorded and kept as documentation.  The note will be used to determine privileges, conduct grades, and consequences.

    School Conduct:

    Be Safe * Be Respectful * Be Responsible

    • Be polite, courteous & responsible • Keep hands & feet to self
    • Use appropriate voice                       • Walk in a line on the right side of hall
    • Listen to & follow all directions         • Respect all people & property
    • No running inside school building • Always be honest

    The number of redirects determines the conduct grade:

    1 or fewer = E (excellent)                                2 or 3 redirects =S (satisfactory)

    4 or 5 redirects = NI (needs improvement) 6 or 7 redirects = U (unsatisfactory)

    **9-week report card conduct grades will be an average of the weekly conduct grades.