are progress monitoring tools that determine how we can help students in the process of learning. They are assessments FOR learning. Formative assessments can be taken as grades, but do not have to be recorded in the grade book. Constructive and timely feedback is critical to the learning process and should be communicated to parents.


    SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS (major grades):

     measure how much the students have learned over time. These are assessments OF learning. They assess mastery of the curriculum standards and help determine effectiveness of mastery.  Summative assessments should all be common and created prior to instruction to measure the intended learning outcomes. All major assessments will be reassessed up to a minimum of 75% (maximum of 100%). 



     Students will be expected to demonstrate mastery on in-class events that measure the essential learning targets.  Teachers will provide feedback to students on how they can improve in their learning. Students will retake portions of assessments and other in-class assignments in order to demonstrate mastery.



    Students not demonstrating mastery of the learning targets within the nine weeks period will participate in reteaching/reengagement.  Test corrections are not a valid re-teaching/reassessment method. Re-teaching will occur through small group instruction, tutoring, spiraling standards in warm-ups.  Retests should not be given in the same day/week as the original test. All students who earn a grade below 70 on a summative assessment will have the opportunity to participate in re-teach/re-test.  Students who earn a passing grade and the parent requests another opportunity will need to make arrangements before/after the instructional day. Communication with parents regarding the progress of their child is essential.

    If your student receives a grade of 69 or below on an assignment, he or she will have an opportunity to redo the

    • There MUST be a parent/guardian signature on the failed assignment to indicate that parents are aware
      of the failing grade.
    • All redo assignments will be time sensitive- 2 weeks maximum from date assignment was returned to
    • All redo assignments will be completed during regular school hours or during tutorials.
    • Maximum score allowable is 70.


    Make-Up Work:

    • Students who are absent will have one day per each day absent to complete make-up or late work. 


    Late Work:

    In grade PK – 2nd grade, late work will be completed during recess or center time.  

    In grades 3 – 5, late work will be accepted at a penalty of 10 points per day, late up to five days.  

    ** If work is consistently late, the teacher will call and request a parent conference.