• Boys’ Track and Field

    We are excited to have your athlete on the track team. We believe that this year will be our best year in terms of competition. Not just with our track team being athletically gifted across the board but playing against the best of the best in the greater Houston area. Please look through this packet to find pertinent information that you might need to navigate through this season as a track parent!

    Jason's Deli   (THIS IS OPTIONAL)

    Brabham offers game day meals in the form of Jason's Deli. Each box comes with a sandwich, chips, cookie, and a water. The total price for the season is $35. Checks are made out to Brabham Boys or Girls Athletics. ​Please put your athlete’s name in the Memo!!!  Cash is also accepted.   If you do not buy a game day  meal you must provide a meal for your athlete.   If you purchase a game day  meal, your athlete will be given a meal every game day including the district track meet.

    Remind 101

    Please see the attached document on how to sign up for Remind 101 text messages. It will be the main form and quickest form of communication from coaches to parents on practice schedule changes, due dates, and other reminders.

    WAG:  Week at a Glance:

    WAG emails will be sent out weekly (usually on Saturday) through the school e-mail service.  Information about practices and meets will be included in the e-mails.  Parents must have a valid e-mail in the school portal to receive these e-mails

    Things To Know

    If  there are ever concerns or questions about your athlete we encourage you to contact the coaching staff at Boys’: jreese@willisisd.org   

    In contacting the staff about your athlete, please refer to the Parent/Coach Relationship page as to what the guidelines are for issues that are appropriate and inappropriate to discuss with coaches.  The page is copied from the ​UIL website​ on Parent/Coach relationships. 

    Practices are Monday-Thursday from Boys: 3:30pm-5:00pm. Please have a ride for your athlete by 5:30pm.  If 5:30 pm is an issue, we may have to ask your athlete to stop coming to practice.

    Athletes will wear game day shirts with jeans on days of track meets.

    Please understand that all coaching decisions are made with the utmost care and deliberation between coaches. Your athlete must be placed in a position that will allow them to be successful on the track otherwise the season may not be as fun for them. 

    Every decision is made with the athlete’s potential for success in mind.