• Dear Students and Parents,

    Come joing us on an exciting journey as part of the Choral Department at Lynn Lucas Middle School!! Next week, Lynn Lucas will be hosting our annual show choir auditions. This experience, I believe changes your life and helps you to become a confident person and leader. The goal of Show Choir is to work on expanding a student’s talents and knowledge of singing. Students will be focusing on improving vocal production, stamina, and stage presence.


    This year, we will have 6th 7th & 8th grade students audition. Auditions will be held  September 26th after school. Students are to report directly to the choir room after 7th period. The audition will consist of two parts: singing and dancing. For the first part, students will sing a short section of the chosen audition piece. Students will sing this as a solo for the judges. After the students sing, the dance portion will begin. For the audition, students will dance in groups of 4 or more. Students will be taught the choreography in class. Once the student has finished their audition, they are allowed to leave. The Results will be posted by the next day.


    If your student is selected to be a part of the Show Choir, they will be required to attend after school rehearsals. It is imperative that students attend all rehearsals. Failure to attend these rehearsals may result in dismissal from the group. Students will only be allowed 1 unexcused absence per semester. Show choir rehearsals will be held after school on Tuesdays and Thursday until 4:00PM. Rehearsals will start October 2nd and will conclude for a break after the LLMS Winter Concert. Show Choir rehearsals will pick back up after Spring Break on March 19th and will continue until April 30th. Show Choir will perform for Winter Concert, Pop Concert, and any tours the choir takes.