Our Mission, Core Values, & Classroom Expectations

  • Every student will learn at high levels! 

    We are Parmley Proud!

    •  P roductive
    •  R esilient
    •  O ptimistic
    •  U nified
    •  D edicated


    Remote Learning Expectations

    • Students will need to login to Canvas daily (on school days) to be counted as present. It does not have to be during normal school hours, just any time daily.
    • Grades will be taken on the student’s work in Canvas.
    • Students should be seated in a quiet, school-like environment, free of distractions.
    • Work should be completed in a timely manner.
    • Work will be monitored daily.
    • Students will need basic supplies, such as a spiral notebook for math and one for reading, pencils, and crayons

    Google Meet Expectations 

    • Students should be dressed appropriately as if at school.
    • Students should remain muted until called on.
    • Students should be on time for the meeting.
    • Students should be seated in a room with minimal distractions. Please minimize all noise from digital and human sources.
    • Students should be prepared with a spiral notebook and a sharpened pencil.