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    What are Student Endorsements?

     Endorsements consist of a related series of courses that are grouped together by interest or skill set. They provide students with in-depth knowledge of a subject area.  Click on this video to find out more!

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    The humanities offer students an opportunity to study ancient and modern literature, history, language and culture. These courses allow students an opportunity to explore and understand how other cultures live. Students interested in the performing arts of music and theater, as well as the visual arts, may find this endorsement suitable for them. 

    Possible Careers

    Possible career paths and interest areas for students pursuing an Arts and Humanities endorsement include courses related to: Political Science, World Languages, Cultural Studies, English Literature, History, and Fine Arts.


    The Business and Industry Endorsement incorporates a large number of career paths and student interests. WISD offers many courses, which fall within this particular endorsement.

    Possible Careers

    Possible career paths and interest areas for the Business & Industry Endorsement may include: Database Management; Information Technology, Communications, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Graphic Design, Architecture, Construction, Welding, Logistics, Automotive Technology, and Agricultural Science.



    The Multidisciplinary Endorsement allows students to select courses from each of the endorsement areas. Students can satisfy this endorsement by taking advanced CTE courses that prepare the student to enter the workforce successfully. This endorsement can also be earned if students successfully complete advanced courses in multiple content areas sufficient to complete the Foundation Program with a Distinguished Level of Achievement (DLA). 

    Possible Careers

    All career pathways identified in all cluster and endorsement areas would fall into the multidisciplinary endorsement area.


    Students pursuing an endorsement in Public Services will enroll in courses directly related to health science, human services education, law enforcement, and the armed forces. 

    Possible Careers

    Public services incorporate careers in health sciences, human services, law enforcement and public safety, the military, and education. Human services and Health Science careers include careers as a nurse, physician’s assistant, hair stylist, hospital administrator, nutritionist, clergy, counselor, etc. Law Enforcement and Public Safety include careers such as mediator, law clerk, paralegal, detective, security guard, criminal investigator, bailiff, and fish and game warden.


    Students pursuing a STEM endorsement would complete courses directly related to: Environmental Science, Technology, Engineering, Advanced Mathematics, and Computer Science. Students who choose the STEM endorsement must complete Algebra II, Chemistry, and Physics. 

    Possible Careers

    The STEM endorsement may be the right pathway for a student interested in careers such as a biochemist, bio-engineer, civil engineer, electrical engineer, medical scientists, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, environmental engineer, avionics technicians, physicists, robotic engineer and biomedical engineers. For more information on the various careers a student may pursue in the STEM field, please visit ISeek Careers Research.