Degrees and Certifications:

Kathryn Brannon

Some of the skills that we will be working on this year include the following:


These students will learn the beginning skills of how to use a computer properly. This is accomplished using age appropriate programs that teach how to use the mouse and at the same time focus on educational skills as well.

First Grade:

We will be reviewing the basics of how to use a computer as well as focussing on grade level educational material.

Second Grade:

We will begin some basic typing skill work as well as work on various programs that will enhance what is being taught in their classroom.

Third through Fifth Grades:

These students will continue their work in typing skills as well as work on their math skills. These students also learn the basics of creating slideshows and many other skills as well.

Some of the websites that we use are:,, Tumblebooks, and of course, each student’s google drive site. The students are able to access these sites at home as well.