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    Advanced Academics Night for Class of 2023

    If you missed the Advanced Academics Night informational event held at the WHS PAC on Thursday, 01/14/2021, the information shared is linked below. Topics covered were Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit (DC) options beginning junior year, as well as considerations and procedures for both pathways.

    Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the persons listed below:

    Amy Rogers - District Advanced Academics Coordinator arogers@willisisd.org 936-890-6672

    Christina Henderson - Campus Dual Credit Coordinator, English 1301/1302 DC Instructor christina.henderson@willisisd.org

    Cameron Edgecomb - DC Outreach Coordinator Cameron.J.Edgecomb@Lonestar.edu http://www.lonestar.edu/dualcredit.htm

    Advanced Academics Night Presentation Slides

    Advanced Academics Night Presentation Slides (Spanish)

    Advanced Academics Night Zoom Presentation (Start Viewing @ 10:25 mark)


    Per Lone Star College, it is time to pay for dual credit courses for fall. Everything must be completed online by August 15 - 4:00 p.m. If you do not pay or set up a payment plan by August 15, you will be dropped from your DC classes. Please login to your Lone Star account to pay; it will walk you through the steps. While there, please check your class enrollment to make sure they are correct on the Lone Star side; if there is an issue or you have questions concerning DC, contact Mrs. Henderson immediately at christina.henderson@willisisd.org.


    English Courses

    DC English 1301/1302: Composition & Rhetoric The Prentice Hall Reader - 11th Edition. This textbook must be purchased prior to the start of school. You will need it by Monday, August 17. The book must be purchased online. Please order well in advance of the first day of school. 11th edition (ISBN-13: 978-0321899712 or ISBN-10: 0321899717). You may be able to locate a pdf file version. Also, check with previous juniors; they may have a copy with which they are willing to provide to you. If you have a sibling with the 9th edition or have a copy of the 9th edition, you may use that one as well.

    • Please note that there may be other books assigned throughout the semester that the student will be required to purchase. The first novel we will read in the fall semester is The Scarlet Letter.

    DC English 2332/2333: Survey of World Literature - 2332 Fall Semester: Selected chapters from The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell; The Norton Anthology of World Literature Volume 1 (Shorter Fourth Edition); 2333 Spring SemesterThe Norton Anthology of World Literature Volume 2 (Shorter Fourth Edition) 

    • Please purchase the listed volumes and editions for the accurate translations of works covered. The set of volumes can be purchased at wwnorton.com ISBN:978-0-393-65602-2 or Amazon ISBN:978-0393656022

    History/Social Science Courses

    DC History 1301: US History to 1877 - Give Me Liberty Vol. 1-6th Edition by Eric Foner by the first week of classes. The companion readers will be used later in the semester and do not have to be purchased for the first week of school; however, it is suggested to purchase in a timely manner.

    • The Artificial River: The Erie Canal and the Paradox of Progress by Carol Sheriff  ISBN: 9780809016051 
    • The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara  ISBN: 9780345348104  

    DC History 1302: US History Since 1877 (Spring semester course; students will be notified & textbook posted in Fall)

    DC Government 2305: Federal Government (Fall Semester) - Krutz, Glen. 2019. American Government 2e. Houston: OpenStax, Rice University. https://d3bxy9euw4e147.cloudfront.net/oscms-prodcms/media/documents/AmericanGovernment2e-OP.pdf

    DC Economics 2301: Macroeconomics (Spring semester course) - Greenlaw, Steven A., and David Shapiro. 2018. Principles of Macroeconomics 2e. Houston: OpenStax, Rice University. https://d3bxy9euw4e147.cloudfront.net/oscms-prodcms/media/documents/Macroeconomics2e-OP_WRQqkIv.pdf

    DC Government 2306: Texas Government (to be determined)

    Math Courses

    DC Math 1314 College Algebra/Math 1316 Trigonometry - MyMathLab; the pages of the actual book are loaded into MyMathLab.com, and as students work through a section of the on-line text, they can link directly from the pages to supplementary resources (such as tutorial software, interactive animations, and audio and video clips) that provide instruction, exploration and practice beyond what is offered in the printed book. All students may access my math lab by following these steps:

    • Purchase an access code either with a new text or separately.
    • Sign onto  www.pearsonmylabandmastering.com
    • When prompted, enter the Instructor course id the code (which will be given once school begins).

    DC Math 2412 PreCalculus (Spring semester course; students will be notified & textbook posted in Fall)

    DC Math 2413 Calculus I (to be determined)

    Science Courses

    Dual Credit Biology 1406 - Textbook and Lab Manual

    • Biology, 5th Edition by Brooker, Widmaier, Graham and Stiling. McGraw Hill Publishing. 
      • ISBN 10: 1260169626 / ISBN 13: 9781260169621
      • Available at Lone Star College Montgomery Bookstore and online.  Amazon also offers rental copies and sells new/used copies.
    • Learning Biology through an Investigational Approach - Biology I for Science Majors Lab Manual by Helen McDowell, Joseph Trackey and Linda W. Crow.
      • ISBN: 978-1-64386-409-9.
      • Available ONLY at Lone Star College Montgomery Bookstore. 

     Dual Credit Biology 2401 (Anatomy & Physiology) - Textbook and Lab Manual 

    • Human Anatomy & Physiology, 11th edition by Elaine N. Marieb and Katja Hoehn, Pearson.
      • ISBN 10: 0134580990 / ISBN 13: 978-0134580999
      • Available at Lone Star College Montgomery Bookstore - you can purchase half the book now and the other half later for the second semester.   Amazon also offers rental copies and sells new/used copies.  It is the same book as last year, so you may be able to buy it from a former student.
    • Laboratory Manual for Anatomy and Physiology I  4th edition by Kathryn Gronlund, Melissa Jackson, and Helen McDowell;  Blue Door Publishing with Access Code
      • ISBN:  978-1-64386-672-7 
      • Available ONLY at Lone Star College Montgomery Bookstore.  Make sure you purchase the 1st semester lab manual, not Anatomy and Physiology II.

    If you missed the WHS Advanced Academics meeting on 01/27/2020, here is the slideshow and contact information shared.

    DUAL CREDIT English IV-World Literature

    Dual Credit English III

    Dual Credit Government

    History 1301 Dual Credit

    Pre-AP, AP, and DC Pathways for 2020-2021