• Following is a list of the safety precautions utilized in Willis ISD. Many of these items have been in place for several years. In preparation for this year, the school board approved the addition of a ninth constable to assist with school patrols. This year, Willis ISD will conduct schoolwide lockdown drills with students. The only other new changes this year are the addition of the clear bag event policy and the metal detectors at football games at Yates Stadium. 

    Campus perimeters have fencing and gates to deter and keep out unwanted guests.

    Campus vestibules feature controlled visitor access areas.

    Willis ISD utilizes Raptor Technologies Visitor Management Program to screen every visitor against sex offender and custom databases, including those with custody orders and banned visitor status. The program also syncs with our student information system (SIS) to provide accurate student and guardian data and ensure we release students to only approved guardians. 

    All school volunteers are screened and background checked yearly.

    Classroom doors at every campus are locked at all times - this is monitored by law enforcement and administration. Willis ISD began teaching with locked doors in 2012 in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. 

    Exterior doors remain locked at all times, are not allowed to be propped open or unlocked, and door checks are conducted every day by law enforcement.

    Classroom teachers located next to an exterior door are required to check them for latch every time they enter or leave the building. These doors will not be propped open at any time.

    All personnel are required to approach non-employees walking on campus without a visitor pass (stickers) and escort them to the front office to be properly checked into our system.

    All personnel will notify constables if they see a suspicious person(s) or vehicle on campus.

    All campus personnel are trained on district and campus safety procedures. 

    K-12 Anonymous Alerts is an anonymous reporting system that students and parents can access at all times to report crimes/bullying.

    Since 2000, Law Enforcement Officers have trained and drilled all faculty and staff annually on critical incidents. 

    This year Willis ISD will be conducting age-appropriate safety drills with students. Teachers will receive a script of what to say that is tailored to the age group, and split up into PreK/Elementary, Middle Schools, High School. Teachers will have these discussions in the classrooms, and the campus will hold at least two drills per year involving students.

    Teachers are trained on how to practice the drill within their specific classroom. These conversations are scripted, age-appropriate, and will be practiced often.

    Beginning in 2018, Willis ISD adopted a mobile app for teachers, administration, and law enforcement that allows teachers to call 911 and simultaneously notify all campus staff of an emergency in the building with a loud alert that goes to their phones.

    All extracurricular events, games, concerts, plays, etc. will have an officer on location for security.

    A clear bag policy will be implemented this year at all sporting events and district events at any location.

    Metal detectors will be installed at Yates Stadium in time for the first football game.

    The district’s surveillance system is constantly monitored by law enforcement and administration.