• The bond is comprised of three propositions totaling $225,000,000. The bond carries a potential $0.05 tax rate increase ($10 per month) if all three propositions are passed by voters. 

    Proposition A includes elementary school #7, middle school #3, a fine arts addition at Lynn Lucas Middle School, upgrades to the WHS baseball and softball fields, playground equipment upgrades at every elementary school (except newly opened Lagway Elementary) and future land purchases. Proposition A totals $143,045,000 and amounts to a $6 per month increase. 

    Proposition B is for a new football stadium and community room, to be built at a neutral site, totaling $62,565,000. Prop B would be a $3 per month increase. 

    Proposition C would add a natatorium (aquatic center) next to the stadium that would provide pool use for student swimmers and divers, as well as community members for exercise and swim lessons. The comprehensive natatorium would cost $19,390,000 and carries a $1 tax increase.