• Principles of AV Production 


    1st & 2nd 9 Weeks


    130.82.1 Background and history of the Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications pathways


    130.82.7 Students will be expected to understand, apply, discuss, and demonstrate skills relating to the use of several types of electronic devices including videography, composition, and delivery of information.

    AV Production


    1st & 2nd 9 Weeks


    130.87.2 Students will understand and summarize the beginning, the history, and the evolution of the audio, video, and film industries.


    130.87.3 Students will apply the standards of ethical conduct, the legal requirements of ethical behavior, and liabilities associated for failure to meet those expectations. Students will discuss the constructs of confidentiality, copyright laws and will analyze the impact of the audio and video industry on society

    Digital Media


    1st & 2nd 9 Weeks


     130.307 Students will expand their knowledge base and interest in careers and entrepreneurship opportunities in the field of Information Technology. 


    130.307.3 Students will engage in opportunities to develop skills in ethical procedures in digital media.