• Updated 9/8/2021

    1st 9 weeks: 


    2A: Summarize the impact of the development of farming (Neolithic Revolution) on the creation of river valley civilizations.


    2B: Identify the characteristics of civilization.


    15B: Analyze the influence of human and physical geographic factors on major events in world history such as the development of river valley civilizations, trade in the Indian Ocean, and the opening of the Panama and Suez canals.


    3A: Describe the major political, religious/philosophical, and cultural influences of Persia, India, China, Israel, Greece, and Rome.


    19A: Explain the development of democratic-republican government from its beginnings in Judeo-Christian legal tradition and classical Greece and Rome through the French Revolution.


    25A: Analyze examples of how art, architecture, literature, music, and drama reflect the history of the cultures in which they are produced


    2nd 9 weeks: 


    3B: Explain the impact of the fall of Rome on Western Europe.


    4B: Describe the major characteristics of and the factors contributing to the development of the political/social system of feudalism and the economic system of manorialism.


    4F: Explain how the Crusades, the Black Death, and the Hundred Years War contributed to the end of Medieval Europe.


    4I: Analyze how the Silk Road and the African gold-salt trade facilitated the spread of ideas and trade.