• Updated 9/1/2021

    1st 9 Weeks: 


    1A Demonstrate safe practices in the laboratory


    4A Research and describe the use of astronomy in ancient civilizations


    7A observe and record data about lunar phases and use that information to model the Sun, Earth and Moon system


    7C identify and differentiate the causes of lunar and solar eclipses, including differentiating between lunar phases and eclipses


    8A recognize that seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth’s axis


    2nd 9 Weeks: 


    7D Identify the effects of the Moon on tides


    6A compare and contrast the scale, size and distance of the Sun, Earth and Moon system through the use of data and modeling


    6E demonstrate the use of units of measurement in astronomy, including Astronomical Units and light years.


    11F Relate the use of spectroscopy in obtaining physical data on celestial objects such as temperature, chemical composition, and relative



    2I Use astronomical technology such as telescopes, binoculars, sextants, computers, and software.