English IV AP:


    1st & 2nd 9 Weeks: 


    Explain the function of Character


    Explain the function of Setting


    Explain the function of plot and structure


    Explain the function of the Narrator or speaker


    Explain the function of word choice, imagery, and symbols: Figurative language


    Develop textually substantiated arguments about interpretations of part or all of a text: Literary Argumentation

    English IV DC: 


    1st & 2nd 9 Weeks: 


    Interpret and evaluate one or more literary forms


    Interpret and evaluate a literary work through understanding the theme, situation, tone, structure, and style


    Recognize the aesthetic, moral, and intellectual values of literature


    Understand the distinguishing characteristics of various genres such as epic poems, sonnets, plays, odes, elegies, short stories, novels, and allegories.


    Recognize the major themes of literature


    Write logical, well-organized, well- supported critical responses to a literary work


    Appropriately document material used as a the result of research