• English III DC:


    1st & 2nd 9 Weeks:


    Writers can draft and re-draft an essay that demonstrates a command of unity, coherence, continuity, and development


    Writers can formulate clear and concise thesis statement, main point, focus, claim


    Writers can use edited American English - when writing an essay that is clear, correct, and appropriate - avoiding major grammatical and semantic problems


    Writers can see effective organization strategies in support of a thesis, focus, main point, and claim.


    Writers can develop, evaluate, and use evidence to support a claim.


    Writers can understand the nature of media communication


    Writers can develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution, following standard style guidelines in documenting sources.



    English III AP:


    1st & 2nd 9 Weeks:


    Writers can demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative writing processes.


    Writers can move effectively through the stages of the writing process, with careful attention to inquiry and research, drafting, revising, editing, and review.


    Writers can draft a variety of genres and contexts, both formal and informal, employing appropriate conventions.


    Writers can create and sustain arguments based on readings, research, and/or personal experience.


    Writers can analyze image as text.


    Writers can produce an expository, analytical, and argumentative composition that introduces a complex central idea and develop it with appropriate evidence from the text.