• Updated 8/25/2021

    All essential standards are subject to change based on the needs of the students, which will be determined through data analysis and reviewed at the end of each nine weeks.


    1st Semester

    EI.9D- (Editing) Edit drafts using standard English conventions

    EI.9C- (Revising) Revise drafts to improve clarity, development, organization, style, diction, and sentence effectiveness, including use of parallel constructions and placement of phrases and dependent clauses.

    EI.5D-(Summarize) Paraphrase and summarize texts in ways that maintain meaning and logical order.

    EI.6A- (Themes & Characterization)  analyze how themes are developed through characterization and plot in a variety of literary texts

    EI.8B- (Text Structure) analyze use of text structure to achieve the author's purpose 


    2nd Semester

    EI.8F- (Author’s Diction)  analyze how the author's diction and syntax contribute to the mood, voice, and tone of a text

    E1.4H - (Across Genres) Synthesize information from two texts to create new understanding

    E1.11G- (Source Analysis) examine sources for: (i) credibility and bias, including omission; and (ii) faulty reasoning such as ad hominem, loaded language, and slippery Slope; 

    EI.10C- (Argumentative Essay) compose argumentative texts using genre characteristics and craft