1. Ensure new technology purchases meet industry standards.

    2. Ensure new equipment will work in conjunction with existing technologies and the network; and to standardize the spare parts inventory.

    3. Negotiate lower prices based on higher quantities and standardization. 


    •  Technology Quotes for laptops, computers, tablets, Apple products (iPads, Apple TV, etc...), printers/fax machines, IP Phones, projectors and projector mounts/cables, document cameras, and eBeams are available on the Technology Home page in the right column by clicking on the Technology Quotes button. For items not listed on that page, please email smiller@willisisd.org  for quotes or for assistance with processing orders.

    Only laptops, computers, tablets, iPads, printers/fax machines, IP Phones, projectors and projector mount/cables, document cameras, and ebeams purchased according to these guidelines will be supported by the technology department and allowed on the District’s network.

     • For new computer/technology fixed asset purchases, enter a requisition with the WISD Technology Department as the shipping address.  The Technology Director must approve the requisition prior to processing the PO. Please allow time for this.

     • Once the PO is received, the items will be ordered and received by the Technology Department and a scanned copy of the packing slip/invoice will be emailed to the campus.  Technology will enter a work order for the item to be set up and installed at the campus.  

    Software Purchases:

    •  All software must be approved by the Willis ISD Technology Department prior to purchase to ensure compatibility with our systems.  Please consult with your campus iCoach when considering.

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