iPhone & iPad Email Setup
    Open Settings and choose Mail, Contacts, and Calendars from list
    Under Accounts, click "Add Account"
    Click on the "Gmail" icon
    Fill in your Name (or whatever you want to show when emails are sent                          
    Fill in the requested information.  Email and password are required. (ex. Username: *****@willisisd.org / Password: ***********)
    Select which Gmail functions you want available on your phone - you can sync Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes from your Google account into your phone.  Click "Save" on the top right hand corner.
    Go to the Home menu and click on the Mail icon to view your mail.


    If  you are already logged in on a WISD computer, press (Ctrl + Alt + Del) keys on keyboard and select Change a Password.
    If you are already locked out, you can use the Self Service Reset Password Management System that will allow you to get back into your email 24 hrs a day.  Please note that you must be pre-enrolled.  If you are locked out while on campus, you will need to go to another computer to access the website since you will be unable to login to your own computer until after it has been reset.
    If you are locked out, and you did not pre-enroll in the Self Service Reset Password Management System, you will need to contact the Technology Department by sending an email to password@willisisd.org (from another email account, providing your campus and name).  Upon receipt of this email your password will be reset to the default password (check with Campus Tech or Campus Secretary if you do not know the 8+ character password) until you change it again using the Self Service Password Management System. 


    For Gradebook, Attendance, Admin. Security resets, or Parent Self-Serve questions, please contact Donna Ward, PEIMS Coordinator at (936) 890-7534 or email: dward@willisisd.org 

    WISD WEBSITE (www.willisisd.org) 
    For assistance with your campus website, please contact your campus webmaster who is typically an assistant principal.


    For Raptor Check-In System questions, contact the Technology Department at (936)850-1212.   

    Please see PUBLIC FOLDERS for the following Technology Information
    FORMS: How To: .pdf files
    IP Phone Manuals
    Technology Purchasing Guidelines

    eRate Funding

    Willis ISD Form 470 Application # for YR 17 is 579520001181864

    Email Quotes or Questions about services to dmenefee@willisisd.org

    Questions & Answers for ERate Application for 2012-2013

    Vendor Information

    All vendors submitting quotes must be in compliance with the E-Rate program rules. For details, please see the SLD website at: http://www.sl.universalservice.org