• Frequently Asked Questions

    For which positions do I use the on-line application process?

    *All positions require a completed online application. No paper applications will be accepted. Willis ISD uses TEAMS on-line application system.

    How long will my application be kept active?

    *Completed applications remain active for one school year.

    Am I required to provide information regarding non-teaching experience?

    *Yes, please list your other work experience.

    Am I required to provide information regarding student teaching if I am an experienced teacher?

    *Yes. Please list your student teaching experience.

    I have previous teaching experience. What will Willis ISD need to assure that my salary reflects this experience?

    * If an individual has previous experience in an accredited public or private school, an original, official service record will be required. Salary credit for experience earned will not be granted until the original service records are received and verified. You will need to contact your previous district to obtain an official service record.

    I have attended more than one College/University. Must I provide copies of transcripts from each institution?

    *Yes, however, the transcript from the institution awarding your degree, bearing the seal of the college and signature of the registrar is the only original required. All others may be photocopies.

    Do I have to have my official service records and official transcripts at the time I sign my contract?

    *No, you will have 5 days after your first day of employment to submit these documents to the human resources office. However, you must have all required documents in your personnel folder before you receive your first paycheck. Therefore, it is suggested that if you have them that you bring them with you when you sign your contract. Remember, salary credit for experience will not be granted until original service records are received and verified.

    I am not employed as a teacher but I do have experience in the job for which I am applying. Will I get credit for my experience?

    *You will need written verification of previous employment before the district will confer salary credit. Your previous experience must have been in the same type of position (e.g. clerical position experience must be secretarial/receptionist experience; bus driver-bus driving experience; maintenance/grounds-maintenance/grounds experience; food service-restaurant/cafeteria experience, etc.) Written verification must state beginning and ending dates of employment as well as duties performed. If your employment was with a school district we will need a Service Record.

    How often will I get paid?

    *Willis ISD employees are paid twice a month. Pay dates are on the 1st and 15th of the month. Exceptions to these dates are made for holidays and weekends, which require checks to be dated early.

    Will I be paid on a 9-month or 12-month basis?

    *All full time employees are paid on a 12-month basis. The total annual salary amount is divided by 24 to get the bi-monthly gross salary.

    How can I calculate my monthly gross salary if I am a late hire and my salary is

    *For salaried employees who are hired after the start of the school year, the salary is prorated as follows: annual salary divided by total number of workdays for your position to get the daily rate of pay. The daily rate of pay is then multiplied by the number of workdays remaining in the school calendar for your position to get the amount due to you for the year. That amount is then divided by the remaining number of pay dates to get the gross (before taxes, etc.) bi-monthly salary.

    For example, a teacher hired on 10-26-12 with an annual salary of $45,350 for 187 teacher workdays, the bi-monthly salary payments are calculated as follows:

    $45,350 divided by 187 days = $242.52 per day X 139 days (teacher workdays remaining from 10-26-12 to 6-10-13) = $33,710.28 due to employee for 2012-2013.

    The salary for this teacher, $33,710.28, is then divided by 19 (this is the number of remaining pay dates beginning with the first pay date of November 15, 2012 to the last pay date of August 15, 2013, for the school year) = $1,774.23 gross pay per pay date.

    Will I receive equal salary payments for the year?

    *Yes. As the example above demonstrates, when the prorated salary amount due to an employee for the school year is determined, that amount is divided into equal payments and paid on the remaining pay dates of the school year.

    If I resign from the district, when is my last paycheck for the school year?

    *For most employees, no matter when you are hired, the last paycheck for the school year is the August 15th pay date. Even if you are in a job where your actual workdays end in June, your paychecks will continue through August 15th. The first check for the new school year is September 1st. For other year-around employees such as administrators, custodians, maintenance workers, and clerical personnel, your last check will depend upon the last day you actually worked.

    I am interested in the district’s insurance plan. How do I get information?

    *You can go to the district web site, www.willisisd.org, to get insurance information. This information will also be given to you when you receive your new hire packet.

    When do my insurance benefits begin?

    *The effective date of health coverage for employees is the first day you report for work.

    Certification – Out of State Teachers

    What do I need to do to become Texas teacher certified?

    *There is a two-part process that needs to be completed: 1) application; and 2) fingerprinting. You will need to go to the State web site, www.sbec.state.tx.us, and open an account. Follow the instructions for “Applications”. At the end of your application for the “One Year Certificate”, you will need to request a fingerprint card or live scan authorization. If you have any questions, please call Betsy Hodum at 936-856-1215.

    Certification – Recent College Graduates

    What do I need to complete with my university in order to become Texas teacher certified?

    *You will need to be recommended for a Standard Certificate by your university. You also need to complete the fingerprinting process with the state. For additional information or questions about state board requirements, please contact them directly at www.sbec.state.tx.us or call 1-888-863-5880.