• Thank you for your interest in Volunteering/Observing in Willis ISD.

    Procedure for Volunteer Approval

    -Each person shall be approved by the office of Human Resources prior to volunteering at a school building, event, field trip or any related WISD activity.

    -Observation Students will follow the same process of approval as volunteers.

    -Volunteers must fill out a volunteer application online. When applying be sure to indicate every campus you are interested in volunteering at.

    -In accordance with the Texas Education Code, Section 22.083, Willis ISD may obtain criminal history record information on an individual who has indicated, in writing, an intention to serve as a volunteer. By submitting the volunteer application, you give WISD written consent to run a criminal history check using your name and other identifiers. The information obtained is strictly confidential and will be processed through the Willis ISD Human Resources Office.

    -Campus principals and their designated campus volunteer coordinator will be notified of approved volunteers.

    -Volunteers must receive approval each school year.

    -You can check your volunteer status by logging back into the volunteer/observation application.

    Use the web browser Google Chrome when applying.

    Volunteer Application

    Note: Due to high volume of approvals, WISD suggests applications be turned in two weeks prior to the event at which you want to volunteer.

    Volunteer Guidelines

    -A good volunteer is consistent, dependable, interested in making a difference, respectful and appreciative of teachers and students, and faithful to commitments.

    -Volunteers should dress neat and in accordance to the dress policy for the campus.

    -Volunteers should consider things seen and heard at school confidential.

    -While volunteering during school hours, it is not permitted to pop in unexpectedly in your child’s classroom.