• The mission of the Willis ISD Education Foundation is to promote education excellence and opportunity beyond the scope of the Willis school system by generating financial resources from private funds to provide support for educational programs.

    Education Foundation Board Members surprised teachers and awarded grants totaling more than $80,845.85 during a district-wide prize patrol in December 2023. Congratulations to all the winners! Click HERE for the full list.

    Congratulations to our previous grant recipients!!

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    Feedback From Prior Grant Recipients:

    "I utilized the grant money for CPR training and education. So far, I have certified 42 high school students in the Health Occupations program. The students in the health classes will be certified once they have completed the knowledge and skills section of basic CPR." - Heart Saver CPR in Schools

    "The laminated World Maps have come in very handy. My students in W Geo have each had their own map to look at. They use it to locate countries, capitals, and landforms. They are able to write on them with their erasable markers. They can make quick corrections if needed. I have used them in English as well. We look to see where a story may take place, where the author is from etc... Thanks so much for giving my resource students a hands on approach to learning" - Resource World Geography