• The Parent Support Center is closed until further notice.
    We are not accepting any donations or deliveries. 
    If you have any questions, please call 936-890-1425.


    Located in the Roark Early Education Center
    606 N. Campbell
    Willis, Texas 77378                         


    1. Only one (1) visit to the Center per week.
    2. Children MUST stay with their parents.
    3. No food or drink in rooms.
    4. No tobacco use on school property.
    5. No weapons on school property.
    6. No foul language will be tolerated in the Center.
    7. Children's Clothing - six (6) outfits per child in the family.
    8. Aduct Clothing - six (6) outfits per person.
    9. Please remove hangers from clothes and bring to check out desk.
    10. You are expected to clean up behind your children and yourself.
    11. you will be asked to leave the Cener if conducting yourself inappropriately.

    The Parent Support Center and Clothes Closet is a service organization sponosored and supported by the Willis Independent School District.

    The Center offers services to parents and families to support them and help ease the stress they may have due to unforeseen circumstances.

    We strive to offer each family or individual assistance with parenting classes, community information and referrals to other specialized service organizations.

    We assist with clothing, food, diapers, baby items, personal hygiene products, school supplies, linens, small household appliances and furniture.

    Support groups, individual support and assistance are offered for those that need assistance.

    Everything in the Center is offered at no cost.

    We strive to make each person that visits feel respected, safe and loved.                  

    Watch the Parent Support Center web page for upcoming events and classes.  

    Volunteers are always welcome and needed!!  A Volunteer Application is required.
    Click Here for instructions for submitting a Volunteer Application.