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    2018-2019 Challenge Previews are available....click this link for more information or here to the Sneak Preview Videos from on the DI YouTube Channel.

    General Program Information:

    For the 2018-2019 school year, the DI Program will be available on all campuses for students in grades 3-12* (Parmley, Hardy, Cannan, Turner, and Meador, Lucas, Brabham and Willis High School). Availability and number of teams per campus is based on volunteer teacher sponsorship as team manager and team size is limited by the Destination Imagination organization to a max of 7 students.

    Teams meet one to two days per week immediately after dismissal with a teacher and/or parent as a volunteer group facilitator to work on both team building activities, team instant challenges, Improv theater, and research/practice for competitions.

    We welcome parent mentors or co-team managers, so if you have a passion for engineering, construction, theater, art, sewing, construction, power tool use, or any special skill and would like to help, please let me know ASAP.

    For more information on DI, please see the links below.

    * The inclusion of 3rd grade students this year is on a pilot basis on some campuses and is up to the team manager. All interested 3rd grade students are encouraged to apply.

    WISD Destination Imagination Handbook


    Awards and Achievements


    State Affiliate Tournament:

    Turner Titans: 6th place in elementary Maze Craze challenge; High Instant Challenge in their division (Turner Elementary)

    Regional Tournament:

    • Turner Titans: 2nd place in elementary Maze Craze challenge; DaVinci Award, High Instant Challenge in their division (Turner Elementary)
    • The Amazing But Crazy 6: 3rd place in elementary Maze Craze challenge(Parmley Elementary)
    • Radical Recyclers: 2nd place in elementary Inside Impact challenge(Cannan Elementary)
    • The Helping Hands: 5th place in middle Inside Impact challenge (Brabham Middle School)
    • Foil Son: 3rd place in secondary Unlikely Attraction challenge (Willis High School)


    Regional Tournament:

    • Rubix Cubers: 6th place in elementary level 3-Peat challenge (Meador Elementary)
    • Hardy Sweethearts: 8th place in elementary Top Secret challenge (Hardy Elementary)
    • Back to DI: 9th place in middle level Vanished! challenge (Brabham Middle School)
    • The F.D.I.: 9th place in middle level Top Secret challenge (Brabham Middle School)
    • The 5 Supercala Purple Pokemon Nerds: 9th place in elementary level Vanished! challenge (Parmley Elementary)


    Regional Tournament:

    • DI Element: 6th place in middle level Pace of Change challenge (Brabham Middle School)
    • Savage Patch Kids: 7th place in middle level Get a Clue challenge (Lynn Lucas Middle School)
    • Brainiac Bros: 7th place in middle level Musical Mashup Challenge (Lynn Lucas Middle School)

    The World of Destination Imagination 2017-2018.pptx
    DI STATS Infographic