• GT Referral and Assessment NEWS

    All GT Referral forms (see bottom of page) for the Spring assessment window were due back to campus completed NO LATER than: Jan. 11 for Kinder or Jan. 25 for 1st+

    Spring assessment has been completer for Kinder. The GT placement committee is meeting this week and notifications should come home by 02/15/19.

    The Spring assessment window for grades 1-11 is February 11-March 7 on all 9 campuses. After all assessment on all campuses is complete the following will happen:

    • all assessments from 1st-11th grade will be scored & normed

    • the GT placement committee will meet to review assessment data and make decisions as to whether GT services are needed for each student assessed

    • result letters regarding placement or non-placement in the GT program will be sent home.

    Look for those 1st-11th grade letters to come home the week after Spring Break.


    Referrals should be made to your child's campus counselor or to Amy Rogers (District Advanced Academics Coordinator); Forms are available from your campus counselor or online HERE.

    Referrals for NEW transfer students can occur throughout the year, however testing takes place at three specified times per year.

    • Fall - Out of District GT Transfer students only (as needed should other district criterion not match WISD)
    • Winter - Kinder Only
    • Winter/Spring - Grades 1+

    Information regarding the referral process, how students are assessed, and how students are served in Willis ISD (see attached slideshow below).

    For a list of traits to look for when considering a GT assessment referral, see the "Bertie Kingore - High Achiever vs. Gifted vs. Creative Thinker" document at the bottom of the page.

    UPDATED All About GT 2018-2019

    UPDATED All About GT en Espanol 2018-2019 

    Bertie Kingore High Achiever vs Gifted vs Creative