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Destination Imagination

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Saturday, February 3 (time TBD) Team Instant Challenge Workshop
[$25/team, at TWCPHS, 3 hours, 6 instant challenges and actionable feedback from DI experts]
Saturday, February 17, 2018 (time TBD) 2017-2018 SE6 Regional Tournament
Located at Oak Ridge HS and Oak Ridge 9th Grade Campus; more details to come.
General Program Information:
For the 2017-2018 school year, the DI Program will be available on all campuses for students in grades 4-12 (Parmley, Hardy, Cannan,Turner, and Meador, Lucas, Brabham and Willis High School). Availability and number of teams per campus is based on volunteer teacher sponsorship as team manager and team size is limited by the Destination Imagination organization to a max of 7 students.
Teams meet one to two days per week immediately after dismissal with a  teacher and/or parent as a volunteer group facilitator to work on both team building activities, team instant challenges, Improv theater, and research/practice for competitions. 
We welcome parent mentors or co-team managers, so if you have a passion for engineering, construction, theater, art, sewing, construction, power tool use, or any special skill and would like to help, please let me know ASAP.
For more information on DI, please see the links below. 
UPDATE 12/12/17 Updated Team Meeting Schedules below; For general Willis DI Updates, join our Remind group. Simply text the message @willisd to 81010.
UPDATE 11/7/17 - Here is the slideshow that was shared at last night's DI Team Member Family Meeting
UPDATE 10/30/17 - There will be a informational meeting on Monday 11/6/17  from 6-7pm in the LLMS Auditorium for all current DI Team Members & their families.
UPDATE 09/22/17 - DI teams/students should have been notified of team selections at this point - and we have grown, rather than the anticipated 9 teams for 2017-2018, we have expanded to 13 teams!
Campus Team Managers Challenge Meetings
WHS G. Hourahan & A. Shelly Unlikely Attraction TTh - during Advisory; MW 2:45-3:30
BMS R. Atkinson Unlikely Attraction Th 2:50-4:20
BMS J. Gilliland Change of Tune Fr 2:50-4:15
BMS M. Pedrami Inside Impact Th 2:50-4:20
LLMS K. Harper Change of Tune M&F 2:50-4; TTh 2:50-3:30
LLMS H. Chavez Change of Tune M&F 2:50-4; TTh 2:50-3:30
ART N. Clark & C. Jeffcoat Change of Tune Th 3:45-5:00
ART D. Epple & A.Hodge Maze Craze Th 4:00-5:00
CCH L. Buell & J. Jacobs Change of Tune MTu 4:05-5:05
CES J. Kirkland & T. Burnett Inside Impact W 4:00-5:00
MES A. Robinson & K. Laurence Treasure! Th 3:45-5:15
PES D. Sheldon & L. Zurovec Maze Craze TuW 3:45-5:00
PES D. Sheldon & L. Zurovec Drop Zone TuW 3:45-5:00
UPDATE 08/24/17 - Destination Imagination Team Application - CLICK  HERE - due no later than Thursday, September 7, 2017 by 5pm. Students selected for the team will be notified by September 13, 2017. Slideshow from Destination Imagination Student & Family Information Night (see link below)
UPDATE 08/17/17Destination Imagination Student & Family Information Night on
08/24/17 6pm-7pm at LLMS Auditorium - 1304 N. Campbell St., Willis, TX 77378