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News: GT, PreAP, and AP

GT Referral and Assessment

UPDATE 05/15/17: Result letters for the latest round of assessment for placement in the Gifted & Talented program in Willis ISD will be coming home today, 05/15/17. Should you have questions, please feel free to call Amy Rogers - Advanced Academics Coordinator.

UPDATE 05/02/17: GT assessment for 1st-8th grade across the district was completed last Friday, 4/28/17. We are now in the process of scoring and norming all of the district assessments. Next week the GT committee will come together, review assessment data and make decisions for placement and non-placement. You should receive an envelope with results on Monday, 5/15/17. 

UPDATE 04/11/17: GT Assessment is now underway in grades 1-8. Testing should be complete by the end of April. Results should come home by mid-May. Please try to minimize student absences, tardies and leave earlies to assist us completing testing in a timely manner.

UPDATE 03/03/17The period to refer students in grades 1+ for GT assessment has now ended, the deadline was Friday, March 3, 2017. The referral included completion and returning of required paperwork to either the student's campus or the district Advanced Academics Coordinator. 

UPDATE 01/25/17: On Tuesday, 01/24/17 an informational meeting for prospective parents seeking more the Gifted & Talented Program in Willis ISD was held in the Willis ISD Boardroom at the Cargill ESC (Willis ISD District Offices - 204 W. Rogers, Willis, TX 77378).

Information covered: the referral process, how students are assessed, and how students are served in Willis ISD (see attached slideshow below).

  • Deadline for Kinder referral is 01/27/17
  • Deadline for 1st-5th grade referral is 03/03/17
  • Required documents for referral are attached below - referral form, parent checklist, permission to test).
For a list of traits to look for, see the "Bertie Kingore - High Achiever vs. Gifted vs. Creative Thinker" document at the bottom of the page.
  • Assessment for Kinder: 02/06/17-02/17/17
  • Spring Assessment for Grades 1+: 04/03/17-04/28/17