Accountability Ratings
WISD 2013 Accountability Summary
• This is the first year that the state is using its new, performance index--‐based approach to academic accountability.
• The 2013 ratings generally apply one of two labels to districts and campuses: “Met Standard” or “Improvement Required” to label districts’ performance.
Willis Independent School District and all campuses “Met Standard”.
• To receive a “Met Standard” rating, the district and high school campuses must meet four applicable index targets. Elementary and middle or junior high schools must meet the first three of these standards:
•  Index 1) Student Achievement – A look at performance across all subjects and all student groups at the satisfactory performance standard. The target score for these groups is 50.
•  Index 2) Student Progress – Looks at scores of 10 student groups, including ethnic groups, English--‐language learners and special education students for reading, writing and math scores categorized as having met or exceeded progress standards. Schools in the bottom fifth percentile (determined by type) on Index 2 will receive the “Improvement Required” designation.
•  Index 3) Closing Performance Gaps – Includes scores of students who are economically disadvantaged and, as applicable, the campus' or district’s two lowest performing ethnic groups from the year before. Target score is 55.

•  Index 4) Postsecondary Readiness – Examines graduation rates and rates of students graduating on Recommended and Distinguished/Advanced plans. Target score is 75.
• If any one or more of the targets are missed, the campus or district will receive a rating of “Improvement Required.” 
• Up to three Academic Achievement Distinction Designations may be earned by schools rated as "Met Standard" when certain criteria are met: high performance in reading/English language arts, high performance in mathematics and being grouped in the top quarter of their comparison group on Index 2, Student Progress.
• In addition to all WISD campuses meeting standard, C.C. Hardy Elementary received an “Academic Distinction Designation” for being in the top 25% of their comparison group on Student Progress.
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